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You are ignorant, alas! Nowhere are there louder sneers; young men and old, and even boys, have the nose of the rhinoceros. After you have heard a loud "Bravo! Yet, that you may not so often suffer the corrections of your master, and that his relentless pen may not so often mark your vagaries, you desire, frolicsome little book, to fly through the air of heaven. Go, fly; but you would have been safer at home. Even your triumphs have been accustomed to endure jests, nor is it any shame to a general to be a subject for witticisms.

Read my verses, I pray you, with that brow with which you behold Thymele and Latinus the buffoon. The censorship may tolerate innocent jokes: my page indulges in freedoms, but my life is pure. From Caesar 's lions their own prey now succeeds in obtaining mercy, and the hare plays safe in their huge jaws.

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Which miracle do you think the greater? The author of each is a supreme being: the one is the work of Caesar ; the other, of Jove. By so much is my Stella greater than your Catullus , as a dove is greater than a sparrow. I do not approve of a man who purchases fame with life-blood, easy to be shed: I like him who can be praised without dying to obtain it. Is she then so pretty?

Nay; nothing can be more ugly. What then is the great object and attraction in her? Long since would the warm water have failed the attendants who carried it, had you not, Sextilianus, been drinking your wine unmixed. Here a rude portico used to afford cool shade in summer; a portico, ah! Truly Dame Fortune feared our complaints, as she would have been unable to withstand so great odium. Now even our loss delights us; so beneficial is the impression which the very danger produces; since, while standing, the edifice could not have proved to us the existence of the gods.

Whence is it that the greedy lion can spare his captured prey?

The Original Mickey Mouse Club Show

He is said to be yours: thence it is that he can show mercy. Not wisely would you defer the enjoyment which you see maybe denied you, or consider the past alone as your own. Cares and linked chains of disaster are in store; joys abide not, but take flight with winced speed. Seize them with either hand, and with your full grasp; even thus they will oft-times pass away and glide from your closest embrace. What vast amount of good has the most worthless of wine done you? As for us, it is a small matter; but to murder Falernian , and to put poisonous wine in a Campanian cask, is an atrocity.

Your guests may possibly have deserved to perish: a wine-jar of such value has not deserved to die. You can now cough without anxiety all the day long. A third cough can find nothing to do in your mouth. While a whole crowd of invited guests is looking on, you alone, Caecilianus, devour the truffles. What shall I imprecate on you worthy of so large a stomach and throat? That you may eat a truffle such as Claudius ate. The hand which, despising the fire, Mucius dared to burn, Porsena could not bear to look on Greater was the fame and glory of that right hand from being deceived; had it not missed its aim, it had accomplished less.

They have not learned to crush such tiny animals. Those talons, which you fear, are reserved for mighty necks, nor does a thirst so great delight in so small a draught of blood. The hare is the prey of hounds ; it does not fill large mouths: the Dacian boy should not fear Caesar. I used to wonder why you had never asked me, Cotta ; I know now that my appearance in a state of nature was unpleasing in your eyes.

Do you hesitate to admit Fame, who is standing before your door; and does it displease you to receive the reward of your labour?

Let the writings, destined to live after you, begin to live through your means. Glory comes too late, when paid only to our ashes. Nor is it the coin of those who sit near you alone that you consume in drink, but the money of those far removed from you, on the distant benches. This vintage has not been concerned with Pelignian presses, nor was this juice of the grape produced upon Tuscan heights; but it is the glorious jar of the long-departed Opimius that is drained, and it is the Massic cellar that sends forth its blackened casks.

Get dregs of Laletane wine from a tavern-keeper, Sextilianus, if you drink more than ten cups. You immediately thought your fortune was made, and took note of my unsober words, with a precedent but too dangerous. I hate a boon companion whose memory is good, Procillus. If you allow them to be called mine, I will send you my verses gratis; if you wish them to be called yours, pray buy them, that they may be mine no longer. He has begun to be useful to the sick in the only way that he could.

When Pudens shall have rained the pleasing honour of the chief-centurionship, which he has so well merited, cut these long tresses close, O Phoebus , as soon as possible, while the tender face is yet undisfigured with down, and while the flowing hair adorns the milk-white neck; and, that both master and favourite may long enjoy your gifts, make him carry shorn, but late a man.

He mourns not, Gellia, who seeks to be praised; he is the true mourner, who mourns without a witness.

This series provides examples of:

It is more the spectator, than the accomplice in your doings, that pleases you, nor are any pleasures grateful to your taste if they be secret. Yet the common courtesan excludes every witness by curtain and by bolt, and few are the chinks in a suburban brothel. Learn something at least of modesty from Chione , or from Alis: even the monumental edifices of the dead afford hiding-places for abandoned harlots. Does my censure seem too harsh? I do not exhort you to be chaste, Lesbia , but not to be caught. What if you were to bid me write a hymeneal song in words not suited to hymeneal occasions?

Who enjoins the use of attire at the Florala games, and imposes on the courtesan the reserve of the matron? This law has been allowed to frolicsome verses, that without tickling the fancy they cannot please. Lay aside, therefore, your severe look, I beseech you, and spare my jokes and gaiety, and do not desire to mutilate my compositions. Nothing is more disgusting than Priapus become a priest of Cybele. The former operation, consequently, is the more expensive. You are no such thing, believe me. What then?

A low buffoon; such a thing as wanders about in the quarters beyond the Tiber , and barters pale-coloured sulphur matches for broken glass; such a one as sells boiled peas and beans to the idle crowd; such as a lord and keeper of snakes ; or as a common servant of the salt-meat-sellers; or a hoarse-voiced cook who carries round smoking sausages in steaming shops; or the worst of street poets; or a blackguard slave-dealer from Gades ; or a chattering old debauchee.

Cease at length, therefore, to imagine yourself that which is imagined by you alone, Caecilius , you who could have silenced Gabba , and even Testius Caballus, with your jokes. It is not given to every one to have taste; he who jests with a stupid effrontery is not a Testius, but a Caballus.

List of The Hardy Boys characters - Wikipedia

She spoke, and with eager mouth swallowed the blazing coals. Nowhere were to be seen grapes preserved from the late vines, or apples vying in flavour with sweet honey-combs; nowhere the pears which hang suspended by flexible twigs, or pomegranates the colour of summer roses: nor did the rustic basket supply its milky cheeses, or the olive emerge from its Picenian jar.

Your wild- boar was by itself: and it was even of the smallest size, and such a one as might have been slaughtered by an unarmed dwarf. Besides, none of it was given us; we simply looked on it as spectators.

Notes on Birds collected in the Argentine Republic.