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Battles over bits and diamonds.
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There are multiple affiliated projects that are providing additional content, including regional and language-specific works. Project Gutenberg is closely affiliated with Distributed Proofreaders , an Internet-based community for proofreading scanned texts. Through friendly operators, he received an account with a unlimited amount of computer time.

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Hart has said he wanted to "give back" this gift by doing something that could be considered to be of great value, his initial goal was to make the 10, most consulted books available to the public at little or no charge, to do so by the end of the 20th century. Hart believed that computers would one day be accessible to the general public and decided to make works of literature available in electronic form for free, he used a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence in his backpack , this became the first Project Gutenberg e-text.

He named the project after Johannes Gutenberg , the fifteenth century German printer who propelled the movable type printing press revolution. More volunteers had joined the effort. All of the text was entered manually until when image scanners and optical character recognition software improved and became more available, which made book scanning more feasible.

Hart came to an arrangement with Carnegie Mellon University , which agreed to administer Project Gutenberg's finances; as the volume of e-texts increased, volunteers began to take over the project's day-to-day operations that Hart had run. Starting in , an improved online catalog made Project Gutenberg content easier to browse and hyperlink.

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Italian volunteer Pietro Di Miceli developed and administered the first Project Gutenberg website and started the development of the Project online Catalog. In his ten years in this role, the Project web pages won a number of awards being featured in "best of the Web" listings, contributing to the project's popularity. Hart died on 6 September at his home in Urbana, Illinois at the age of Donations to it are tax-deductible.

In , Charles Franks founded Distributed Proofreaders, which allowed the proofreading of scanned texts to be distributed among many volunteers over the Internet; this effort increased the number and variety of texts being added to Project Gutenberg, as well as making it easier for new volunteers to start contributing.

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When users are unable to download the CD, they can request to have a copy sent to them, free of charge. In December , a DVD was created containing nearly 10, items. At the time, this represented the entire collection. In early , the DVD became available by mail. In July , a new edition of the DVD was released containing over 17, books, in April , a dual-layer DVD was released, containing nearly 30, items; the majority of the DVDs, all of the CDs mailed by the project, were recorded on recordable media by volunteers.

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  4. However, the new dual layer DVDs were manufactured, as it proved more economical than having volunteers burn them; as of October , the project has mailed 40, discs. As of , the delivery of free CDs has been discontinued, though the ISO image is still available for download; as of August , Project Gutenberg claimed over 57, items in its collection, with an average of over 50 new e-books being added each week.

    These are works of literature from the Western cultural tradition. In addition to literature such as novels, short stories and drama, Project Gutenberg has cookbooks, reference works and issues of periodicals. The Project Gutenberg collection has a few non-text items such as audio files and music-notation files. Most releases are in English, but there are significant numbers in many other languages; as of April , the non-English languages most represented are: Fren. It was Trollope's first published novel, which he began in September and completed by June However, it was not published until ; the novel was "an abysmal failure with the reading public.

    The narrative of The Macdermots of Ballycloran "chronicles the tragic demise of a small Catholic landowning family in the Protestant-dominated Ireland of the mid nineteenth century, it focuses on the struggle of Thady Macdermot to keep his sinking property afloat. Thady lives with his father Larry Macdermot in a dilapidated mansion in Co. Leitrim, mortgaged to their enemy, the vulgar builder Joe Flannelly, they cannot keep up the payments on the mortgage.

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    4. Enmity between the Macdermot and Flannelly families is sharpened by Thady's having declined to marry Joe's daughter, Sally. Larry Macdermot's daughter, Feemy, is seduced by the English police officer, Captain Myles Ussher, hated by the local Catholic majority for his brutal enforcement of the excise laws against poteen distilling. One night Thady kills him in the ensuing struggle.

      Despite the mitigating circumstances, the Protestant-dominated courts find Thady guilty of murder, in the context of a panic about crime, anti-British terrorism. Thady is hanged, his father Larry goes mad, Feemy dies bearing Ussher's bastard and the Ballycloran house is vacated of Macdermots. I am aware; the Macdermots is a good novel, worth reading by anyone who wishes to understand what Irish life was before the potato disease, the famine, the Encumbered Estates Bill.

      However, the magazine's editor, upon reading the galley proofs, concluded that the negative portrayals of the Low church and Evangelical characters would anger and alienate much of his readership; the novel was never published in serial form. Rachel Ray is the younger daughter of a lawyer's widow, she lives with her widowed sister, Dorothea Prime, in a cottage near Exeter in Devon. Ray ruled by her older daughter.

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      Prime is a strict and gloomy Evangelical, persuaded that all worldly joys are impediments to salvation. Rachel is courted by Luke Rowan, a young man from London who has inherited an interest in the profitable local brewery. Prime suspects his morals and motives, communicates these suspicions to her mother.

      Ray consults the Low Churchman Charles Comfort. Soon after this, Rowan falls into a dispute with the senior proprietor of the brewery, returns to London to seek legal advice. Rumours circulate about his conduct in Devon. Rachel obeys her mother's instructions to release him from the engagement; when he fails to respond, she grows depressed. Rowan returns to Devon, the dispute over the brewery is settled to his satisfaction; this accomplished, he calls upon the Rays and assures Rachel.

      Anthony Trollope - Biography & Selected Products

      She assents to his renewed proposals. Marital bliss ensues. A subplot involves the abortive courtship of Mrs. Prime by Samuel Prong. Prong is a intolerant Evangelical, his religious beliefs are in agreement with hers, but the two have incompatible notions of marriage: Prong insists on a husband's authority over his wife, in particular over the income from her first husband's estate. Like his mother, Frances Trollope , who had caricatured them in her Vicar of Wrexhill, Anthony Trollope had no fondness for Evangelicals. In the novel, Samuel Prong, like Obadiah Slope of Barchester Towers , has an ill-favored appearance, pursues marriage for money rather than love, is "not a gentleman".

      Prime is motivated by a love of power.

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      Rachel's happiness is threatened by the machinations of the Evangelical characters, the intervention of two of her non-Evangelical neighbours is critical in salvaging it. In , when Trollope was near the peak of his reputation, he was approached by Norman Macleod. A well-known Scottish Presbyterian pastor and chaplain to Queen Victoria , Macleod was a personal friend of Trollope's and a fellow member of the Garrick Club.

      However, he wrote to Trollope in his capacity as the editor of the sixpenny monthly Good Words. Good Words, established in by Scottish publisher Alexander Strahan , was directed at Evangelicals and Nonconformists of the lower middle class. The magazine included overtly religious material, but fiction and nonfiction articles on general subjects, including science. In , it had a circulation of 70, Strahan and Macleod sought a novel from Trollope for serialisation in the magazine in According to Trollope's autobiography, he demurred, but yielded when Macleod persisted.


      A deal was struck: Trollope would write a novel for the magazine, for serial publication in the second half of Trollope's " The Widow's Mite " duly appeared in the January issue. Strahan advertised the forthcoming serialisation of the new novel, to be illustrated by John Everett Millais , who had illustrated Framley Parsonage for Cornhill Magazine.

      Trollope wrote Rachel Ray between 3 March and 29 June In April , the Calvinist Evangelical Anglican weekly Record launched a six-article series attacking Macleod and Good Words, it accused Macleod of attempting to reconcile God and Mammon , labelled Trollope "this year's chief sensation writer", of his writing, declared, "In some of these trashy tales the most ungodly sentiments are uttered and left to work their evil effects upon the young mind".

      Trollope was an incidental target of the Record's attack, directed principally at Macleod. The Disruption of , in which nearly half of the clergy and laity of the Church of Scotland had left that body to form the Free Church of Scotland , had created lasting enmity between the members of the two churches. Macleod was the object of particular derision among Free Churchmen, as one of the " Forty Thieves ": a group of ministers who had sought a compromise between the seceding Evangelical faction and the remaining Moderates, who had refused to join the secession , pleading the importance of maintaining the Established church; this Free Church animosity was involved in the attack on Good Words : although the Record was staunchly Anglican , investigation by.

      James , was an English crime writer, she rose to fame for her series of detective novels starring police commander and poet Adam Dalgliesh. James was born in Oxford, the daughter of Sidney James , a tax inspector, educated at the British School in Ludlow and Cambridge High School for Girls, she had to leave school at the age of sixteen to work because her family did not have much money and her father did not believe in higher education for girls. She worked in a tax office for three years and found a job as an assistant stage manager for a theatre group.

      In , she married an army doctor, they had two daughters and Jane. When White returned from the Second World War , he was experiencing mental illness, James was forced to provide for the whole family until her husband's death in With her husband in a psychiatric institution and their daughters being cared for by his parents, James studied hospital administration and from to worked for a hospital board in London. She began using her maiden name. Many of James's mystery novels take place against the backdrop of UK bureaucracies , such as the criminal justice system and the National Health Service , in which she worked for decades starting in the s.

      Two years after the publication of Cover Her Face, James's husband died, she took a position as a civil servant within the criminal section of the Home Office , she worked in government service until her retirement in She was a lay patron of the Prayer Book Society , her work, Death in Holy Orders , displays her familiarity with the inner workings of church hierarchy. Her novels were set in a community closed in some way, such as a publishing house or barristers' chambers, a theological college, an island or a private clinic.

      Talking About Detective Fiction was published in Over her writing career, James wrote many essays and short stories for periodicals and anthologies, which have yet to be collected, she revealed in Regular Today presenter Evan Davis commented. In August , James was one of public figures who were signatories to a letter to The Guardian opposing Scottish independence in the run-up to September's referendum on that issue.

      James' main home was her house on Holland Park Avenue , the area from which she took her title: she owned homes in Oxford, Southwold.

      1st Edition Anthony Trollope Antiquarian & Collectible Books for sale | eBay

      James died at her home in Oxford on 27 November , aged 94, she is survived by her two daughters and Jane, five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Despite substantial changes from the book, James was pleased with the adaptation and proud to be associated with the film. James has a cameo in the film's opening scene, watching the news while holding a dog. It is the fourth of the "Palliser" series of novels and the sequel to the second book of the series, Phineas Finn , his beloved wife having died during pregnancy, Phineas Finn finds Irish society and his modest government position in Ireland dull and unsatisfying after the excitement of his former career as a Member of Parliament.

      Back in England , the Liberals are determined to overturn the Conservative majority in Parliament; as Finn had been considered the most promising of the younger set, he is encouraged to stand for Parliament again, he takes the risk of giving up his salaried position. Returning to London , he renews his acquaintance with the wealthy widow Madame Max Goesler.

      In the past, she had offered to marry him and had been turned down. In the political arena, Finn loses the election by a narrow margin, but his luck does not desert him. On appeal, it is found that his opponent had bribed some of the voters, enough to give Finn the victory. He does however make an enemy within his own party. Mr Bonteen makes disparaging remarks about his political trustworthiness, referring to an incident, described in Phineas Finn, when Finn voted with his conscience rather than his party; the conflict spirals out of control when neither man will back down, they become bitter foes.

      When Bonteen is murdered, suspicion falls on two men. At her urging, Bonteen had discovered that Emilius was still married to another woman when he wed Lady Eustace, thus annulling the marriage and safeguarding her wealth; the other suspect is Finn. He and Bonteen had been seen to quarrel publicly on the night of the murder and all the circumstantial evidence points to him, while Emilius did not have a key to exit his lodgings that night.

      Finn therefore is brought to trial. Not unexpectedly, the murder of one Member of Parliament by another becomes the sensation of all England. During the trial, Madame Max travels to Prague in search of evidence against Emilius, she finds a locksmith who had made a duplicate key for Emilius. This, along with other developments, convinces everyone that Emilius guilty. It is not enough to convict the latter, but Finn is acquitted. Afterwards, worn out by the ordeal and disillusioned with politics, refuses an invitation to take office in the government, marries Madame Max.

      Although Trollope described it as "one of the worst novels I have written", it was well received by contemporary critics.